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How to Read ePub on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD?

What eBook formats do Kindle Fire support?

If you have a Kindle Fire, you have experienced the joy of reading books on it and the frustration of getting books that you did NOT buy from Amazon onto it. This is caused by Kindle Fire limited format support. On Kindle Fire, you can read eBooks in the following types: Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively.

How do you read ePub on Kindle Fire?

Obviously, ePub can't be directly recognized or read by Kindle Fire. For viewing ePub files on Kindle Fire, you need to convert ePub to Kindle Fire supported format, such as ePub to PDF, ePub to MOBI, ePub to AZW, etc. Or download an ePub reader app to Kindle Fire.

Method1 - Convert ePub to Kindle Fire Supported Format

You have definitely heard of Calibre, which is a famous eBook management software program. Calibre is available with Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports a wide range of eBook formats including ePub and AZW. The most attractive point is that it can automatically recognize your device.


STEP1: Add ePub to Calibre
Click "Add Books" to add your ePub books to the Calibre management system. Browse to the folder where the books are located and select the books you want, then add them.

STEP2: Connect Kindle Fire
Plug Kindle Fire to computer. Once it is recognized, you will see a new icon at the top of Calibre: Send to Device. Select ePub books and click the icon.

STEP3: Start conversion
When a pop-up window asks you whether to auto-convert files, just click Yes. Then Calibre will automatically select the most suitable output format for your device. After conversion, disconnect Kindle Fire. And now you can read the converted eBooks on Kindle Fire on the go!

Method2 - ePub Readers for Kindle Fire

While Amazon Kindle Fire runs a forked Android system, you can still easily sideload nearly any Android app. To read ePub on Kindle Fire, you can load a number of different Android apps that support ePub. Following are several ePub readers for Kindle Fire:

1. Aldiko: Supports ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM eBooks.

2. Nook: With this app, you can turn your Kindle Fire into a Nook Tablet.

3. FBReader: Supports DRM-free ePub and FB2.

4. Mantano Reader: Supports ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM.

Preparations for installing Android app to Kindle Fire:

STEP1: Ready for your Kindle Fire

Since Kindle Fire is set up so that it doesn't allow you to install apps from unknown sources, you need to change the setting. Tap on "setting" icon in the menu bar at the top, go to Device and then "Allow Installation of Application from Unknown Sources" to ON.

allow installation

STEP2: Get a file explorer, such as File Expert and/or ES File Explorer from Amazon App Store.

STEP3: Collect and install APKs

Download Android APKs onto your computer, load them into a dropbox folder, email APKs via the web, and then download the files on Kindle Fire. When the item is done downloading, it will either give you a screen and you can press install.

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