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How to Read iBooks on Mac?

After downloading eBooks from iTunes Store onto an iOS device, we may want to view them on Mac. But iBooks is only used on iOS devices. There isn't an iBooks reader application for Mac OS X. Buy don't worry about this, we will tell you a method to read iBooks on Mac. 3rd party tools will be required.

Part1: Copy iBooks Items from iDevice to Mac

Any books you've downloaded from iBookstore will be automatically added to your iTunes library the next time you sync your device with your computer. To do this, your computer must be authorized with the same account that was used to download the books from iBookstore. Here are the steps of how to copy books from iDevice to Mac: Link your device to computer. Launch iTunes, select one book and right click on it, choose "Copy" option to copy and paste the book to a folder of Mac.


Part2: Read Transferred Books on Mac

If iBooks are in PDF format, Preview can open them. If iBooks are in ePub format, since Mac has no ePub reader applications, you have to download and install an ePub reader onto Mac, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza, Nook for Mac.

But please note, both Preview and ePub reader applications can only allow you to read DRM-free iBooks. So how to know whether the eBooks have DRM protection? iTunes can show you the kind of book you have by selecting the book and then choosing File > Get Info. If the Kind is marked as Book, this is a book you downloaded from the Internet. If it is listed as Purchased Book, it is a DRM-free book downloaded from the iBookstore. If it is listed as Protected Book, it is a copy-protected book from the iBookstore.

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